Saturday, June 5, 2010

Install Webmin on CentOS 5

Some months ago, the download url for Webmin was updated.

You can find the latest release at:

SSH to your server.
[root@server7]# yum -y install perl-Net-SSLeay
Get the rpm.
[root@server7]# wget

Verify using MD5 - Webmin also offers PGP Verification.

To do this, use the md5sum command

[root@server7]# md5sum webmin-1.510-1.noarch.rpm
7d7167b0f62e7f0a5578a6117581c46f  webmin-1.510-1.noarch.rpm

Compare the output above to the official MD5 Checksum on the Webmin Site.

The MD5 Checksum listed on the Webmin site, 7d7167b0f62e7f0a5578a6117581c46f, matches our output above, so we are ready to install.

Install the rpm.
[root@server7]# rpm -i webmin-1.510-1.noarch.rpm 

You should get a message at the end of the install informing you that you can reach the installation at:

https://hostname(or server IP):10000

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